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Sony SRS-BTX300 Review

Recently i bought the Sony SRS-BTX300it is a Bluetooth speaker with NFC(Near Field Communication) capability.

Introduction (why i left the Apple ecosystem)

I used to have an iPod  and speaker dock and it was one of the best purchases i have made, but lately it hasn’t always worked correctly ( like the iPod crashing, iPod not standing in the dock correctly) and since apple has decided to change they’re 30 pin to the lightning connector. I was kinda disappointed to see the incompatibility between old iPod’s and their new accessorizes (since my parents also have an iPod).

Not so willing to buy the new iPod (and having an Android tablet) I bought a nexus 4 and by using the streaming functionality of Google Play Music 16 gigs on the nexus 4 is enough if you have 20.000 song library available using online streaming or the +-8 GB of offline streaming.

So I wanted something that is compatible with a lot of devices and has a future in it so i have chosen for a Bluetooth enabled speaker (an extra I wanted was the NFC pairing capability).

About the Speaker (design & connectivity  )

The speaker itself looks neat, decent material is used to produce this speaker the side look is brushed aluminium which gives it a premium touch.

The buttons are well placed on one side of the speaker so its easy to reach them with the frequently used buttons like volume control answering calls on top.

Before you can use the speaker you have to kinda unlock the speaker by moving the lock release slide, this is a great idea because this protects the power button so you don’t accidentally drain the battery and it gives the speaker a slight angle (it won’t play if the slide is closed). However i ask myself if you move this a thousand times and more who steady will it still be then ?

On the back you have the power input ,  audio in  3.5 mm audio for non Bluetooth devices , an Bluetooth standby option, a reset button and a DC out USB port  that gives out 5v and a max of 1.5 A.

Although on my model it didn’t seem to work without the speaker being charged.

A nice feature about this speaker is the led on the down side of the speaker it glows white when no devices are connected and blue when a device is connected.


If you have an NFC capable phone pairing is as simple as opening a door.

Install the easy paring app from Sony Play Store Link and then just tap the speaker and Bluetooth is turned on and paired to the speaker and your music starts playing. One small disadvantage of the NFC tag is that is quite small and you sometimes scan  it wrong which then is followed by android asking you what to do with the NFC tag, so then you just tap it again and it dis/connects.

When using Bluetooth you can easily pair the device by holding the Bluetooth button for a second till the it blinks and then connect using your device.

Sound Quality

With a 2.1 speaker setup built into this device it sounds really good although when seeing a .1  I expected the bass to be a little heavier. The treble is loud and clear and the bass is nice, not too heavy and you can easily make it heavier by placing the speaker near a corner or a wall .

When the speaker is on full volume the speaker still sounds very clear (phone laying next to it using Bluetooth)

The speaker has 3 sound settings (normal , mega bass and mega bass + surround ) when using bass + surround the base tends to distort (at max volume)  sometimes when playing bass intensive music.

How to

Battery Life

When fully charged the Sony site says it gives 8 hours of music and i would say that it is absolutely correct playing at normal and loud volumes I managed to get 8 hours without problems.


At $199 this is a quite expensive Bluetooth speaker but the functionality and the sound definitely makes this a buy.

Design: 8/10

Functionality 9/10

Sound 7/10 (keep in mind I’m giving this rating to a portable device, this is the score is not to be compared with high end stereo towers and other wired audio systems)