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Marriott adds wireless charging to Hotels

Marriott announced that it will outfit wireless chargers to their hotels in their lobby’s at first the wirelesses charger will be installed in October  in 29 Hotels.

Marriott Wireless qi charging Station

Marriott adds wireless charging to Hotels using this small Wireless qi charging Station

So no need to worry or hassle with cables forgotten. just lay your device on top of the charger and it will start charging using the Qi technology. Some of the Qi supported devices are the Nexus range from Google and Nokia Lumia series, but many other cellphones do have qi charging capabilities, or Qi charging can be installed using a small shield or case.

Also the hotel guests that don’t have a phone that supports wireless charging  are able to charge their phone regularly by using the built in Lightning and USB cables .

The wireless charging stations are able to to power up six devices simultaneously.

As this  will only be installed in 29 of the 500 Marriott Hotels its sounds like they are testing and see if the charges will be used and if their worth installing in all of their lobby .

The idea to place wireless chargers dint came from Marriott themselves but was suggested by the  clients of their travel website Travel brilliantly  . according to surveys taken by the Marriott group business travelers use 2 to 3 portable  electronic devices.

Since the creation of Travel Brilliantly multiple changes have been made to Marriott hotels the website has been launched in June 2013 and according to Mariott it has been a big succes leading to engaging customers which resulted in following products:  Stylish and modern looking Lobbies.

Marriott Lounge

Marriott Lounge

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