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My First Airbnb stay Algonquin Lodge

Staying in a hotel using Hotel Loyalty points is nice but if you want to meet locals and have a local experience perhaps this isn’t the best solution. Or perhaps you want to keep your budget in place. If one of those sentences makes sense to you than Airbnb is the solution. I had chosen to stay at an Airbnb in Canada near the Algonquin Park (Ontario) It was a great place to start discovering the beautiful wild life or and the  start of the exchange of seasons.

Why did i pick Airbnb for this Stay ?

-When reading about Canada I quickly find out that they advise people to stay at a Lodge, but after searching for a while i didn’t find any lodges nearby that fitted my expectations.
I wanted a home that was fully built-in Wood and which offered view of a Lake not just 4 wooden walls that were put up and called a Lodge.

-The travel experience staying with local people is the best you will ever have. They know the area and are also interested in you so  you have plenty of stuff to talk about.

So i tought the Algonquin park was the perfect spot to find a Wooden Lodge. after a quick search on Hotels websites I quickly find some old lodges that where out of their glory and some supper expensive beautiful lodges in a whole resort park .

Then i tought why not use airbnb. And after a quick search I’ve found a beautiful wooden lodge near the Algonquin Park .

Algonquin park Lodge

Airbnb Wooden Lodge Algonquin Parc

Airbnb Wooden Lodge Algonquin Parc

After a quick sign up and verifying our details which improves the chances of getting accepted with your host  we introduced our self to our host about who were and  are our lodge was requested. And in the next 24 hours we got a confirmation that your request was approved and we where welcome to join them in September. (if you host does not respond in 24 hours the booking will automatically canceled and this will affect the renters profile.)

Our host were called Sandra and Dale and they where  already asking us if wanted to eat dinner with them for a reasonable price.  We gladly accepted the offer and wont regret it Dale is a great chef.

After a long ride from Ottawa we arrived at our Airbnb.  Dale and Sandra immediately greeted us and offered us some hors oeuvres and some refreshing drinks after a quick snack i decided to jump in the Lake and swim around a bit, although I wasnt that confident due the fact that i shared the lake with some Snapping Turtles so i hoped they would not greet me with a bite .  After the swim Dale showed us the house which was made entirely of wood and explained why they lived  near the Algonquin park.

Even the decorations where carefully picked  in all the Lodge was just amazing and beautiful.

After some quick chatting with out hosts and the other guests . We decided to have lunch. Dale cooked an amazing meal. and after that we called it a day because we where tired from driving .

The second day we were greeted with a lovely kitchen smell and Sandra was making us  Blueberry pancakes which where absolutely  amazing they where the best pancakes i had in Canada . Before leaving on the third day we enjoyed  some eggs benidect which where once again superb. And dale took us for a boat ride on the Lakes.

So these experience were wonderful but we probably wouldn’t have had these experiences when we would have stayed in a Hotel.

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