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Arriving in China

I started my big adventure the 22nd of January and I was looking forward to arriving in China. I planned everything from the places i wanted to visit to agreeing the companies with the university and the apartment i am going to stay in. I Spend planning everything since almost a year back. Although this can be a pain in the ass when dealing with Chinese people they just don’t see why you should plan so far ahead they have the mentality of wait as long as possible and then push everything as quickly as possible.  So the last weeks my apartment was being taken care of, I would get picked up from the airport, I saw I was going to work with an Intel Software Partner. So this all got me reassured and excited.

Side note this is the second article a series of doing my internship in China.

So more ready than I would ever be I was waiting to board and start a new chapter of my life.

So after a not so long flight from Brussels to Dubai  on the Boeing 777 which I absolutely loved. I waited for the glorious king of the sky the Airbus A380. After a quick nap and some chatting with my fellow passenger I arrived in Shanghai, desperately searching for the Skyline from the plane.

Having collected my baggage I was searching for the teaching assistant. A bit jet lagged but well prepared and with a good mood and recognizable T-Shirt from the university I found him under a minute. After a quick introduction we decided to leave for Hangzhou. When chatting to him he told me he never been to Shanghai, guess I was lucky than that we quickly found our way around the airport.  As soon as we waited for the bus I noticed not that many foreigners took the regional busses. So more people were a bit curious about me and secretly took some pictures I found it kinda funny. If I had spoken more chinese at that time I would have talked to them and asked about their lives because I am as curious about them as they where about me.

I noticed some of the chinese people are well-known the Western apps on their iPhones. I saw snapchat and Facebook pop up more than once(a lot of the chinese people have alternative apps or know how to use google in China).  Unfortunately i saw a girl was not feeling that well  and i saw many of the chinese started talking to her. I asked my Chinese friend what was wrong with her. He told me she felt a bit ill and felt a fever coming up. So i asked him whether she had any medicine to help her feel better.  Suddenly she replied in English to me, no I don’t trust the chinese medicine, so I asked what symptoms she felt and decided to give her something that would help reduce the fever. After a 3 hour bus ride we arrived in Hangzhou where we exchanged the bus for the Subway.  after a quick ride and 5 min taxi drive to Zhejiang Gongshang University.  We arrived at the Campus “Hotel” where I would spend the first nights.  More about that in the following blog post.