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Flying in Economy with British Airways Boeing 747 London New York

Flying  one British Airways oldest in the fleet the 747. It is one of the original jet planes, i was really looking forward to fly on it before the retired all the 747 .

The Flight itself

BRU-LHR Brussels to London Heathrow

Our first flight was at 6 55 heading to London Heathrow when we arrived at the gate we are amazed by the small size of the aircraft. When boarding they told us the flight was fully booked.
We didn’t expect for a flight of only one hour that they would serve us breakfast. We had a Croissant with sausages and tomato and mayonaise (kinda a weird combination).
British airways offered a ideal space of legroom on the first flight which i didn’t expect.

LHR-JFK London Heathrow to New York John F Kennedy Airport

Boeing 747 British Airways London To New York

Boeing 747 British Airways London To New York

Our second flight was from London Heathrow to New York JFK. The flight was again operated by British Airways this time with a Boeing 747 400.
The Boeing 747 has always amazed me as one of the first jumbo jets, but you could defiantly see that this Boeing had his age.
The leg room was a little bit smaler than our first flight (and that for a transatlantic flight.) and the inflight entertainment system was older but the movies where still up to date and it worked perfectly. Our crew was very friendly and the meals where of good quality our breakfast was an (option meat or vegetable “beans”) omelet with beef companioned by mushrooms and a Tomato.
And  with this meal there was also a fruit juice, a bun and a fresh fruit salad which was very welcoming due to its fresh taste . Just before landing we had a late snack which was the first time i had a snack before landing that was actually tastefully. They served us  a Chicken Ceasar Sandwich and a Kitkat as dessert.
I’d have to say British Airways really impressed me with the foodservice in Economy class especially with the fresh fruit nothing better to fight the jetlag than some fresh vitamines.  When arriving in New york we had a bout 4 hours to pass customs and TSA control.
What i really noticed was how empty terminal 8 was i think when arriving at most 200 people where here so it was really calm and ideal to relax a little bit and take a quick snack/ Nap. Continuing to our last flight which was operated American Airlines (American Eagle) . which i will describe later on so keep checking back .

British Airways Boeing 787 Economy Toronto London

Returning from our  great road trip from Canada  we were flying once again with British Airways. This time we weren’t flying with one of its oldest aircraft’s in its fleet the  747 but one of the newest the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

British Airways Boeing 787 Toronto London Economy

Flying with the British Airways Boeing 787 Toronto London Economy


Leaving From Toronto which is a very fine airport (Brussels Airport should take a look how to modernize) a clean and nice check in . I was amazed about the quiet and  relax security checking coming from an TSA control  or similar checking in London and JFK.

After checking in we went for a quick Starbucks oh  i love the Pumpkin Spiced late. I was amazed by the fact that some of the restaurants offered free WiFi on a I pad and you didn’t need to consume anything from that Restaurant or Bar, although you where able to order some food an drinks from the Ipad. They even kept track of your flight so you  won’t miss it by reading the news or enjoying an PSL or a Glass of wine.

Toronto AIrport

Toronto AIrport

Continuing to my Gate i saw that the Dream liner had all ready been docked.  I was really looking forward to flying on this Plane because it has been featured in lots of magazines and TV shows as an “planes that helps fight the Jet Lag” so i was eager to find out if any of the mentioned advantages where true.

Boeing 787 Advantages


  • It makes 60% precent less noise than similar aircrafts  thanks to its design and use of materials.
  • It has a range of 15200 Kilometers
  • More cabin bagage size (so no longer carrying that suitcase underneath your seat is guaranteed)
  • Windows are 30 percent larger and should be able to be seen from the middle row. The special thing about the windows is that they don’t have any shades. the windows are controlled electronically and will dim according to  the user preferences.
  • Better Air filters that keep away annoying smelling gases and help filtering out those bacteria.
  •  Keeping the Air Pressure at 6000 instead of 8000 so you will absorb more oxygen
  • Turbulence detection system and counteracting parts.
  • Changing lights that wil help you move trough Day and night by adjusting the lights to the mood

The Flight itself


British AIrways Boeing 787 Economy Cabin

In overall i had to say when i boarded the plane it was kept very tidy (as always with British Airways) and indeed smelt fresh and clean. The blue lights give you   a calm and fresh feeling when boarding and seats look to have been more streamlined. The legroom looks increased (but according to seat guru is hasnt). I am quite big so i am always trying to push my legs in a direction where i can have some space(probably the only disadvantage of British Airways is their legroom in economy) .


Starting of with a smooth ascent we were given a drink before the meal in which they offered wide range of drinks i chose a Gin Tonic. which consisted of a Schweppes Tonic and a Gordon Gin ( i always wondered myself what you would get in first class when ordering a similar drink. ) . The Gin Tonic was a nice and refreshing start of the flight.

British AIrways GIn Tonic


The In flight system was really up to date apparently British Airways made a deal with HBO so i was able to watch Game Of Thrones. Also the screens were of high quality im not sure but i think they where HD.

British AIrways inflight System Boeiing 787


Then meal service started unfortunately the did not have any chicken no more so we’ve got the the Pasta Instead



British Airways Economy Food

British Airways Red Wine Economy Class

British Airways Red Wine Economy Class


The meal contained a Cesar Salad as starter and some bread and best butter . Main Course was a pasta with tomato juice and cheese.  Dessert was simply excellent it was a piece of Chocolate pie.  I have to say British Airways food service is quite good.
After that i took a quick nap and just before landing which was 45 minutes early we receive a nice muffin as a snack.


Wagamama English Breakfast

Wagamama English Breakfast


After a quick taxi to the gate i enjoyed once more the view and proceeded to security check at Heathrow and then Ordered some breakfast  at Wagamama  which was absolutely  amazing after a flight i never enjoyed breakfast so much (perhaps i was felling tired of the jet-lag) . After that i got some rest and wait for my connection flight back to Belgium.