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CEBIT 2014

This year i will be visiting CEBIT in Hanover.

A lot of interesting people are coming like Neelie Kroes , Seol Pil Kim (Samsung Electronics) , Steve Wozniak, Dere Liu ( Huawai) , Jimmy Wales

The top themes for Cebit will be

Datability  – Cloud & Big Data , Mobile

and my guesses are for 5G and the internet of things.

unfortunately i will be unable to attend the whole week but i will post a coverage of the new technologies and the most important phrases of the conferences unveiled at Cebit.

Cebit is one the biggest

So i will update this page later on.

Cebit 2014 Recap

Of course there is a lot of talking about Big Data.  but there also mentions about Google’s partnership with Tesla and Audi.

David Cameron announces that  Germany and England will start a partnership  between universities to pursue 5G. And announces that the Uk government will invest 45 million pounds into the Internet of Things Research

Intresting sentence from Kapersky

“How to protect your enterprise from a Stuxnet attack? Simple. You have your power plant, and you’re running on Linux, say. So you have your operating systems, and you have your Internet connected devices, both on Linux. How to protect it? Put Windows between them. So you have to copy all your files from Linux back into Windows, then back into Linux again. There’s no guarantee, of course, but it will make cyber espionage much more expensive, much more difficult.”

Wozniak Speaking

Steve Wozniak thinks the European Union is ahead of the United States in term of data protection.

Difficult question have been asked to Wozniak like:

Are there back doors open for the NSA at Apple: which he replies with the sentence that hes not sure, but it there is one it probably a coding mistake.

Should Tim Cook be Fired  ?, If Steve Jobs had lived, would Apple be better or worse?

Is Apple cool anymore ? Once you’re number one it’s very hard to hold it.

Wozniak also think that internet access should be a basic human right.

An opinion i share with Wozniak is that they should open Itunes to more platforms.

Lots of people at the IBM stand

That’s right this is computer screen that allows a the screen to change it’s opacity so you can see through.

Volkswagen latest concept car only uses 0.9l/100km and has a top speed of 160 km/h