Start up your Pc using NFC

One of the reasons i bought a new Android phone was NFC, i think it is has so much possibility’s for simplifying your life or automatizing it(Ex: unlocking a locked door with your smartphone or tapping a remote to show a picture on your  TV .

So what do you need to start the PC using NFC ?
First lets set up our pc to make sure it accepts wake on lan packages

First lets set up our pc to make sure it accepts wake on lan packages

Search for the tab advanced and set the value of the property Wake on Magic Packet to Enabled .

– an NFC equipped phone (in my case a Nexus 4).

– NFC tags  (i used  NTAG203’s)

-WoL Wake On Lan  Play Store

-Tasker  Play Store

-NFC Task Launcher Play Store

for windows 7  go to network center and choose  change adapters settings choose the network adapter that is connected to the network you will use and right click on it and choose properties.


Hit OK till you are back on the network adapter screen.

use command prompt and to check your Mac Address  (start -> run -> type cmd and hit enter) and use the command ipconfig /all

and write down the IP address and the mac address, subnet (we will need it in the android app )

Next download the WoL Wake On Lan app  Play Store

open the app and choose add new

Choose the name you want to use( use a name that’s easy to type because we are going to need it later ) .

Fill in the MAC and IP address and check send as broadcast (in case the ip changes), and finally save the profile.

You can easily test it now by tapping the selected profile when the pc was shutdown  so you are sure you have correctly configured WOL.

Now for configuring the NFC part we will need tasker so grab it from the playstore.

when tasker is opened add create a new task and name it “Wake PC”   add a new action to the task and select plugin and choose the correct PC in wake on lan

now we will have to make sure we allow Tasker to be accessed by other programs  so hit setting and then preferences and allow external access

now install NFC task launcher  and create a new nfc task, hit the plus button and scroll down till you see Tasker check tasker task and hit next  click the magnifiying glass and choose the selected task and hit hit add to task. hit the arrow to the right and then scan the nfc tag to write the profile to it.

And thats it ! now you are able to boot you pc using an nfc tag.


    • Hi Dan just saw that i forgot to mention it i will update the article soon .Meanwhile nfc stands for Near field communication Most of the modern phones have an nfc chip built into them even now the newest iphones have one. The commercial use is payment but i decided that i want to do something useful with it.

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