Moving to China

Hey everyone, since starting my studies at Howest I always wanted to have an international career. After the China From Within Project where I was a Teaching assistant in the Spoken English Promotion Project (SEPP) I knew I wanted to have my internship in China. Last year I visited San Francisco and visited a lot of technology Companies like Google, Nvidia, Github,.. and that made my interest in the Chinese software development even bigger. After my internship I hope to start working at an International Company outside of Belgium.

In January I moved to China for my internship. so far it has already been an adventure. I will stay in China for a period of 6 months. After a smooth flight from Brussel to Dubai with Emirates and from Dubai to Shanghai Pudong. I arrived at the people’s republic of China around 3 o’clock in the afternoon. a bit jet lagged I was welcomed by a Teaching assistant who had never been to Shanghai. After searching for the bus stop we were on our way to Hangzhou. After an hour bus ride we arrived at the University’s Hotel (Don’t expect too much about the word Hotel it’s just looks like a dorm room). But because everything closes at spring festival I could only stay there a week and then I needed to move out and find my own place. So I immediately started checking hotels and ended up with the Ibis Hangzhou which only cost 20 Yuan more than the University Hotel.
although it’s a university not so many people speak english so I decided to take my mandarin course and study at the nearby coffee bar. My plans for the next days where to explore the area and meet some people so more on that in the coming posts.

Xinchang Pagode

Xinchang Pagode

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