Holiday Inn Express Collingwood

After a somewhat bad experience in the Holiday Inn Express in Montreal i was a little bit sceptical about our upcoming stay in the one in Collingwood. After a stay in Canadas Best Value Inn in Parry Sound which absolutely horrible we leaved early to see our new destination and our new Hotel.

Arriving 3 hour before Check In time we weren’t sure if we would be able to check in already. But the lady at desk said it was absolutely not a problem. we where immediately greeted as an IHG member with some water and a little muesli bar. If we forgot some of our personal health attributes like a razor or a toothbrush we were informed that we could one at the desk.  The Hotel looked really clean from the outside and even on the inside it was maintained pretty good.  Being treated so well at check in we had already forgotten our previous stay and were relaxing in our room.


The Room was well maintained and had a fresh feel to it. we immediately liked it. The double bed feeled nice and soft (not as good as the Marriott tough but very descent ) . Internet connection was easy to set up and we were able to perform a hangout without any issues.  The bathroom was kept tidy and i did not have any complaints about it.


Finding a place to eat dinner in Collingwood.
We had a nice dinner just around the corner fo the hotel in an Brasserie Restaurant called the Iron Skillet and i loved the fact that they offered regional products and daily fresh suggestions this just makes a good restaurant for me. I even loved the fact that they had a pale ale from Collingwood to bad i only saw it after my second beer. The slogan of the beer fits the town with some ski slobs perfectly “Relax, Its all downhill from here”.

Swimming Pool

The pool was a major factor why we chose this Hotel and after the Best Value inn (Kids lessons and aquagym for the public) i was not sure anymore i would go to a Hotel pool anymore. But the pool was really tidy and the water had the perfect temperature. I was able to swim a few tracks.


The next day after a good sleep we wondered about the breakfast but once again were amazed by the fact that everything was kept tidy and there was a person continuously checking in on everything and making sure there was enough freshly baked bacon and so on.

Although i did not book using the ihg app or website i was treated as  an IHG member when showing my card  and i have to say it was a very pleasant stay at the Holiday Inn Express Collingwood.

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