Google Returning to China ?

Is Google Returning to China ? it sure looks like that way. There are multiple indicators that are showing that google is planning its return to China.

Of course China is huge market and google is willing to take a share in this market. Most of the services are officially blocked in China but for some reason Ad words still works.

I noticed it when looking on multiple pages at the adds and doing an inspect element on the ad that they originate from google and  that ad words still works.

Recently Sundar Pichai had an interview with Forbes about the future of Android in China. Android is huge in China . But no Android devices uses Google Services in China. Most of these devices are using the App Markets from Xiaomi or Baidu.  This is a huge market they are missing out on.

One of the questions asked in the interview was Would you like to re enter the Chinese Market ?
And the answer was: Beside the issues Google had in China in the past they also see a lot of opportunities.  There is a big demand from Chinese Developers on the Google Play store. Simply said the don’t see China anymore as a done market but rather as a market with huge opportunity’s in which they want enable their platform and services.   When asking when that would happen  he responded with no comment.

But recently Google posted multiple Jobs on LinkedIn for a position in Beijing.

Google Returns to China posting jobs on Linked In

Google Returns to China posting jobs on Linked In

In total 7 Job Categories have been posted for China

We can clearly see that one involves android so that might point out that google is serious trying to get back in to business in China.

Google Returns to China posting 7 job functions on LinkedIn

Google Returns to China posting 7 job functions on LinkedIn

China and Google had quite a history together

Some of the events even date back to this year .  You can read the most important events here.

Google Blocked in China History


Google said that the  Chrome browser and other products will not recognize security certificates issued by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), China’s internet authority anymore .  This problem originated from the fact that unauthorized security certificates where being issued for several Google Domains.  This lead to a security issue where it was possible to perform a man in the middle attack.

December 2014

Gmail officially blocked in China.

June 2014

Gmail Temporarily blocked in China and Calendar and Translate, Google Docs are being blocked in China


Google is fully blocked according to the website GreatFire



Google Removes it self fully from China after hacking attacks  originating from China.

All Google Traffic from China is being redirected to Google Hong Kong

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