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Xiaomi Plant Sensor review

I have been keen on keeping my plants healthy, especially since I want them to purify the air. In this way i can reduce the usage of my Xiaomi air purifier and my electrical bill.
Last summer i decided to go Travel again in China, and i wanted to bring back some Xiaomi gadgets. So before i left back to Belgium i quickly asked my Chinese friends to order a Xiaomi Plant Sensor Flower Care from Taobao.

Looks and feel of the Flower Care.


The device it self is fairly minimal with a small light and the symbol of the Plant sensor.

Since i bought the sensor in china, i had some issues setting up the device which i will explain you how to deal with later in the article.

Beside the Mija app you can also use the original Flower Care app but i advice you not to do this, since the app adds no additional value.
When you have connected the device, you can easily search for the latin plant name and it will cross search for the plant in the Database.

The big advantage of this is that it will automatically adjust the parameters specific to the plant.
The Flower Care has a CR2032 button cell battery inside which will last approximately one year. After this you can easily replace it by opening the device and changing the battery.

The Flower Car itself exists of two parts: the sensors for the soil and the chips and the sensors for the environment. The plant sensor itself is around 12 cm long. The bottom part of the sensor is responsible for measuring the fertility and the moisture. The top part contains a temperature sensor and a light sensor.


Setup Of the Xiaomi Plant Sensor.

Important! Depending on if you have the international version or the chinese version the setup will be different.

For the Chinese version you first need change your timezone to a place in Mainland China like Shenzhen. and use a VPN to connect to Mainland China. Else if you do not perform these action it will not find the Plant Sensor

Open the MIJA or the flower car app.

Hit the plus button in the top right corner search for the Flower care or scroll down.


Xiaomi Plant Sensor Setup.

Xiaomi Plant Sensor Setup.

Select the flower care.

Normally now the flower care will show up in the list and you can the select the plant that it should monitor.


Overview of the Flower Care

Xiaomi plant sensor FlowerCare monitored plant

Xiaomi plant sensor FlowerCare monitored plant

When you have added the device you should wait around 10 minutes to make sure the sensor gets all the different data accurate and the data has not been polluted by the air around it.

After that you will get an overview of the Sunlight, Moisture, Temperature and the Fertility. you can go into more details inside the Mija app when you click the different icons.

Xiaomi Plant Sensor Flower Care Fertility

Xiaomi Plant Sensor Flower Care Fertility

After you click the icon of like above(Fertilitity) you will get an overview of the current value and what the recommended value is.
The thing i love is that it also suggests how you can improve this value. Like in the picture above i should add more fertilizer when i water the plant.


Xiaomi plant sensor flower care report

Xiaomi plant sensor flower care report

You can also gather a report which will show you the overview of the sunshine, fertility and other data over a couple of days.
In this way you can clearly see if the plant has been lacking sunlight which it is in my case.

You can also click the top right corner and click the options to get more information about the plant or about the sensor.

Xiaomi Plant Sensor Plant Overview.

Xiaomi Plant Sensor Plant Overview.

Here you can clearly see how well you took care of the plant.

So should you buy the plant sensor?

Well if you can buy it a chinese retail price like i did it definitely a big recommendation.
However if you look to import the sensor it become more expensive and you should consider that if you need a lot it might become expensive in general.